E.S.F. a positive leadership in its operation:

  • Building-up trust and credibility by being accessible to its effective, cooperative and admitted members, institutions and people in need for help, advice, information or direction.
  • Open communication as objective and integer service rendering to organisations and making sincere attempts to meet commitments.
  • Empowerment and persuasion are standard E.S.F. codes to encourage our customers in following advice, and provide them with the informative resources needed for positive results.
  • Taking into account the impacts and evolution of worldwide business developments which might affect E.S.F. members and associate members.
  • Taking initiatives and responsibilities in short notice decision-taking to defend the interest of our E.S.F. members
  • Dealing constructively with problems and issues and discuss confrontation in an open honest manner.
  • Leading in a way exemplifies the practices of trust, empowerment competitiveness and personal responsibility

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Bavikhoofsestraat 190 - 8531 Bavikhove - Belgium
Phone +32 56 70 11 03 - Email: info@eu-esf.org

VAT: BE0454 000 382 
Transparency register EC: 91447653655-65




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