Notifying country

Product category
Protective equipment
Climbing chocks
Superlight rock
Wild Country
Type / number of model
Superlight rock (code 40-RSL)
Superlight rock set 1-6 (code 40-RSLSET)


Product description
Climbing chocks. Produced before 31.12.2022
Packaging description
Country of origin
Risk type
Risk description
Corrosion can occur in the chocks.This can significantly reduce its strength and may pose a danger to a climber.
Legal provisions (at EU level) and European standards against which the product was tested and did not comply
The product does not comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation nor with the European standard EN12270.
Measures taken by economic operators (Manufacturer)
Recall of the product from end users
Measures taken by economic operators (Manufacturer)
Withdrawal of the product from the market
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