The Notified Bodies have an important role in the conformity assessment of PPE.

A list of Notified Bodies with their compentences can be found on the Nando website

In order to enhance the harmonisation of the work of the Notified Bodies, the EU Commission support the European Coordination group. The Coordination is organised in a Horizontal Committee and in Vertical Groups.

The Horizontal Committee (HCNB) deals with questions related to the implementation of the legislation when it comes to certification (both type examination and quality module C2 or D). The HCNB is representing the voice of the notified bodies in other groups such as the PPE expert group.

The Vertical Groups (VG) are dealing with specific questions concerning the certification of specific product groups – often these questions are concerning problems with testing according to the relevant standards, or with certification in case where there are no standards available.

Both HCNB and VGs publish their decisions in the form of Recommandation for Use (RfU) sheets. The sheets approved by the PPE expert group can be found on the website of the EU Commission . The sheets approved by the HCNB but not yet by the PPE expert group can be found on the website of the PPE Notified Bodies (temporarily not available).

Recommandation for Use sheets (RfU)

  • RfU published on the EU Commission PPE website (from both HCNB and VGs)
  • RfU (not published by the EU Commission and archive) :
    • for the horizontal Committee
    • for vertical group:
      • VG  1 : head protection
      • VG  2 : respiratory protection
      • VG  3 : eye and face protection
      • VG  4 : hearing protection
      • VG  5 : protective clothing including gloves
      • VG  7 : protective clothing against hand held chain saws
      • VG  8 : lifejackets
      • VG  9 : protective clothing for motor cycle riders
      • VG 10 : foot and leg protection
      • VG 11 : protection against falls from a height



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